Deliveryman With a Difference: Dog-Head Brother (Photos)

    Cai riding to work with a bag of cement on his head while balancing a dog on top. (Image: Tencent News)Cai carrying four bags of cement on top of his head. His record is over 440 pounds. (Image: Tencent News)Cai watches TV upside down. (Image: Tencent News)

    A man in Zhejiang Province is becoming a local celebrity for the strange things he does while commuting, and photos of his tricks have been going viral online.

    In Cixi City, Cai Tangmei works as a porter for a ceramics shop.

    He’s 41 years old and comes from Jiangxi Province, but has been living in Cixi for more than 14 years.

    One of the surprising things Cai does is to carry cement bags on his head, and sometimes he can be spotted riding a moped with his dog sitting on top of the cement bag!

    Bloggers have nicknamed Cai “dog-head brother.” He adopted the dog after finding it alone on the street one day, and taught it the head-balancing trick within a few months.

    At home, Cai does weights and martial arts to keep strong and healthy.

    He also watches television upside down by doing a headstand.

    Seems like a novel way to make work easier, and life more entertaining!

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