He Promised to Get #EatenAlive by an Anaconda: This Is Exactly What Happened (Video)

This is the best, short version, of the footage you’ll find. For the Discovery Channel, Paul Rosolie, Amazon jungle conservationist, naturalist, and snake researcher decided to get himself eaten alive by an anaconda snake. No joke.

So here’s what happened. They located a wild anaconda in the Amazon, he got into protective gear, and the snake began to crush him…

The video above is the consolidated footage from the show.

But, Paul sorta freaked out once he was being eaten alive and crushed. He thought his arm was about to break.

You know what? I don’t blame him.

What do you think about what he did? Good for Amazon conservation publicity, or just shock entertainment and animal cruelty?

Here is what Paul had to say about why he was going to do it.

The large forrest system in the Amazon is highly valuable to all humans, as a source of air purification and oxygen, so, I say, good try Paul. But, I still wonder, is there anything we can do?

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