Landon Donovan Leaves Soccer as the Ultimate Winner

Landon Donovan
A pensive Landon Donovan reflects over his impressive soccer career. (Grantland/YouTube)

Landon Donovan ended his soccer career in the way every experienced athlete dreams, right after winning a championship.

Landon Donovan ends a successful career in the most glorious way imaginable.

Some athletes wait to end their careers only after they realize their abilities have declined past the point of comfort, or they they have no chance of winning again.

Landon Donovan vs Jamaica

Landon Donovan slides into action vs Jamaica. (Image: “Landon Donovan vs Jamaica” by Jarrett Campbell via Wikimedia Commons)

Donovan leaves as the MLS all-time leader in goals. He is also the top in goals and assists for the United States national team. He’s led the San Jose Earthquakes to 2 championships and the LA Galaxy to 4, including this one.

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