Major Loopholes in China’s Organ Harvesting ‘Ban’

Former Chinese Vice Minister of Health Huang Jiefu after a conference in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2010.
Former Chinese Vice Minister of Health Huang Jiefu has recently reported to have said that organ transplants from death row prisoners would cease in China. (Bi-Long Song/The Epoch Times)

The recent announcement from a high ranking Chinese official – Huang Jiefu, pictured above – that the state will stop organ harvesting from prisoners on death row is largely, to put it moderately, a cosmetic act.

China’s state run media reported that beginning January 1, 2015 their health system will only rely on voluntary donations from the public or from living relatives.

The big issue with this is though, is that organ donation is culturally taboo for the Chinese, that being part of their reasoning for using the organs from executed prisoners in the first place. Something that the state had denied doing for years, until recently when it was so very obvious and pointless to be lying about it.

It’s a controversial practice to say the least.

The head of China Organ Donation Committee in Beijing reported that the Party has “always been resolute” about ending the practice.

In a perfect world where the Chinese Communist Party tells the truth that news would be met with happy ears. There are however, serious problems with this announcement that unfortunately sounds a lot like propaganda.

The first problem within all of this, the state has never admitted it’s crimes against humanity in relation to the killing of prisoners of conscience for their organs.

Widespread knowledge about this brutal practice became apparent in 2006 after a comprehensive report came out documenting thousands of Falun Gong practitioners who were murdered by the state for their organs in China. It is likely this practice has been ongoing on a large scale since as early as 1999.

Prior to this date it had been practiced in the country’s west against the Uyghurs and it is believed to continue there also, but to a lesser extent.

In all of that time, the Chinese Communist Party has continually and habitually denied that this practice was taking place.

The recent ban announcement comes at a very convenient time for the Party.

The motivation behind this announcement comes as Xi Jinping is trying to change the public image of the Communist Party without changing its substance. The United States Congress is set to pass House Resolution 281 which formally condemns forced organ harvesting of live Falun Gong practitioners, so it’s interesting that the announcement from China comes right as that vote is taking place.

Overall, I don’t put much faith into a government that has since its inception used propaganda and lies to push forward its agenda.

Put it this way, if you knew someone who always lied about everything and then one day they told you “I am going to stop lying” wouldn’t that be laughable?

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