Premature Baby Survives Being Buried Alive After Parents Thought She Was Dead

The tiny baby doesn't have a name yet. (Image: Xinhua)
The tiny baby doesn't have a name yet. (Image: Xinhua)

A Chinese baby born several months early is still alive even though she was buried because her parents thought she was stillborn, according to state media Xinhua.

Lu Xiaoyun was at home in Dandong, Liaoning Province, when she went into labor early. Her husband He Yong rushed back from work, but Lu thought she had had a miscarriage at four months.

Lu and He went to hospital in an ambulance, while Lu’s mother buried the baby girl. But the hospital doctors said they needed to see the baby to make sure she was definitely dead, so He went back home and dug her up.

He discovered that she was still breathing, even after being buried for two hours.

When doctors examined the baby at the hospital, she weighed nearly 4 pounds and they said Lu had actually been six months pregnant when she gave birth.

The baby stayed in an incubator for three days until He ran out of money to pay the bills, and she had to be sent home. However, the family received some donations after their story was publicized by local media, and they were able to take the child back to hospital where she needs to stay for at least another month.

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