Asian Pop Diva Jolin Tsai Entices With Videos Off ‘Play’ Album

Jolin Tsai gives us her 13th studio album. That’s 13 albums after winning a music competition at the age of 18, and successfully selling her CD out of convenience stores in her native Taiwan.

Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai in concert. (楊公/Flickr)

Now 34, Tsai has established herself as a leader in Asian pop music. This album is titled Play, which has an extremely racy title track video which we won’t post here. She is following the usual trends that pop divas pursue these days.

Jolin Tsai will give us a video for every song on the album.

But take a look at this milder video for The Third Person And I. The plan is to release a video for each song on the album. It’s a smart move, considering the preponderance of YouTube in the success of popular music these days. Maybe that is the way of the future for music artists. Maybe every song on an album will have a video.

Expect to see a familiar fashion look in all those music videos. She’s working with the same design team that works with Katy Perry and Beyoncé. That explains the abundance of female flesh on display in the video for the title track. Hopefully there will be more family-friendly videos off the album.

Here is the song that gave Jolin Tsai her start, a cover of Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All.

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