Daring Highline Walker Smashes World Record by 230 Feet (Video)

German athlete Alexander Schulz set a new world record in China on Dec. 8.

The 23-year-old extreme sportsman tiptoed along a 1,230-foot line strung up between two massive limestone pillars about 330 feet above Yangshuo in Guangxi Province.

He had installed the line with co-workers from their slacklining company One Inch Dreams, which was a mission in itself because most of the rock was too loose to use pulley systems, and it was also covered in plants.

Schulz spent three days trying to walk the line during difficult weather conditions, including strong winds and rain, but fell multiple times. The bad weather contributed to the difficulties by making the line heavy and soggy.

He eventually succeeded during his final attempt, breaking the previous record by 230 feet.

Speaking with press afterward, Schulz said: “The most important thing was to get away from the fear of failure in order to be fully relaxed and able to react to the oscillation of the line after smaller mistakes.

“At the last third, [the] wind came up and started shaking the line. I had to force myself to keep on walking. Thirty meters (98 feet) before the end the wind was gone, but the fear of falling came up like never before.

“When I touched the rock at the end of the line, my first words were:

It’s surreal, I can’t believe what just happened.”

This video is the trailer for an upcoming documentary about Schulz’s trip to China and setting the world record.

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