Did You Know Onions Supplement Bone Mass Over 10 Times Faster Than Calcium?

Onions have amazing health benefits. (Image: emdot/Flickr)
Onions have amazing health benefits. (Image: emdot/Flickr)

The onion is one of a handful of vegetables containing prostaglandin A. Prostaglandin A, which is a strong vasodilator, can soften blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, increase coronary blood flow, and improve the excretion of sodium and other substances that induce high blood pressure. So onions not only regulate blood lipids, but also lower blood pressure and prevent thrombosis.

How to make delicious cold shredded onions:

Step 1: Wash and shred onions.

Step 2: Fill a container with ice water and soak the shredded onions; then store the container overnight in the refrigerator.

Step 3: Next day, drain the onions and blend them with oyster oil. Makes a delicious onion salad with no pungent taste.

(Image: wxa45.blog.163.com)

Delicious and healthy onion salad. (Image: wxa45.blog.163.com)

Onions are more effective than drugs for osteoporosis

Housewives tend not to cook onions, because onions make them cry when they process the onions. Many people also tend to be afraid of the onion smell. Unless superb onion dishes can be made, it’s really hard to find onion lovers.

But if you want to make your bones solid and prevent osteoporosis, the best way is to pinch your nose and eat some onions.

The latest research published in the authoritative journal Nature reported that onions are the best vegetable for preventing  osteoporosis, and they are even better than the osteoporosis medicine ‘Calcitonin.’

After the researchers fed male rats one gram of dry onions every day for a week, the bone mass of the male rats increased by an average of 13.5%-18%. Another experiment also found that feeding rats with composite vegetables mixed with onions could mitigate the problem of bone loss. In addition, the results of the third experiment, feeding female rats whose ovaries had been removed with 1.5 grams of onions every day, showed that the rate of bone loss was reduced by 25%.

It’s worth noting that the health benefits of eating onions can be seen in just 12 hours. The researchers believe that these health benefits might come from “the prevention of bone loss,” and so if one wants to prevent osteoporosis by eating onions, a daily uptake of 200-300 grams (10 ounces) of onions seems to be required.

A balanced diet leads to a healthy body. In your daily diet, a lot of fruits and vegetables have drug-like effects; for instance, onions, an indispensable side dish in Western meals, has amazing health benefits.

(Image: Dubravko Sorić/Flickr)

Onions are the No.1 treatment for osteoporosis. (Image: Dubravko Sorić/Flickr)

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Translation by Joseph Wu


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