‘Devastating Year’ For Children In Conflict Zones (Video)

This past year was not a good one for children in many parts of the world and UNICEF have released a devastating 2014 report on the state of children in conflict zones.

The brutality in places like the Central African Republic and Sierra Leone are heart breaking to watch in this video.

The video interviews a young child in South Sudan who told cameras:

‘We are eating grass because there is no food.’

Africa isn’t the only place affected, the Ukraine and parts of the Middle East have also seen strife that affects children. One mother interviewed in the video expressed her frustration because as she put it:

‘You have no money to buy food for your children.’

This video truly breaks my heart because I feel such compassion to want to help those in need worldwide. One way to help is to go to UNICEF’s webpage and donate to a cause.


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