Here Are Some LOL Chinese Jokes About Marriage

A good sense of Humor is essential for a long-lasting relationship. 
(Image:  clement127 via Compfight cc)
A good sense of Humor is essential for a long-lasting relationship. (Image: clement127 via Compfight cc)

Having a good sense of humor is essential for a harmonious, long-lasting marriage, and learning to laugh at those tiny details that can get on your nerves is way more healthy.

A good laugh can make any day better; enjoy these Chinese jokes about marriage!

1. Beautiful, but stupid

The husband said to his wife: “Why did God make women so beautiful, and yet so stupid?”

His wife replied: “God made us beautiful so you would love us; He made us stupid so we would love you.”

2. The goal has changed

While a couple was sharing a big fish for dinner, the wife said: “Why do you now always pick the fish’s back meat to eat? I remember when we fell in love, your favorite parts were the head and tail.”

“The situation has changed!” her husband said. “My current goal is to eat fish, while at that time my goal was to catch you.”

3. How do I feel?

A wife was getting ready for the day, and instead of just going through the motions, she stopped and took a closer look at her face in the mirror, and noticed her face was very ugly now.  She couldn’t help but burst into tears. Her husband sitting by her side observed the whole situation and said: “You just take a look at yourself in the mirror occasionally, and it makes you so sad. I watch you every day; how do you think I feel?”

4. It’s been cold

 It was cold and the husband was looking for a sweater.

His wife said: “After washing it, it shrunk, and so I gave it to my older brother.”

The husband was looking for a pair of woolen underpants..

The wife said: “After washing them, they shrunk, and so I sent them to my younger brother.”

The husband got irritated and said: “Why don’t you wash me, and send me to your younger sister!”

5. Domestic husband

Being married to “a rich man,” a woman wore gold and silver jewelry every day.

She often said in public: “My lipstick is a Korean product; my perfume is a French product; my mirror is a Japanese product; my earrings are Indian products; my leather is a Russian product.”

Someone shouted: “Your husband is a domestic product!”

Please don’t take any offense—these were shared on a Chinese website and the Chinese thought they were very funny.

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