Lowell Police Pull People Over and Give Them… a Christmas Surprise

With all the bad press police have received lately all over the country, it’s inspiring to see a very different story.

Police in Lowell, Missouri, wanted to do something completely different this year for the Christmas season. So they decided to randomly pull people over like they were going to give them a ticket, knowing they’d probably be a bit freaked out.

But once the person was pulled over, the officer started talking asking how their day had been and whether they had all their Christmas shopping done, and what either they or their kids wanted for Christmas.

This was radioed to a team in a shopping center who bought the products in real time and delivered them back to the officer so he could give the people their Christmas surprise.

As you will see, the people were overwhelmed by this act of random kindness.

This prank is part of the #upliftsomeone campaign, which is meant to spread the holiday spirit of happiness and cheer to people everywhere.

When the news only carries stories about bad incidents involving police, people tend to paint all police with the same brush. But not all police are bad by any stretch of the imagination just because they’re police—and this video shows the other side of the coin.

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