What’s Wrong With Our Food System? Let this 11 Year Old Explain (Video)

Birke Baehr is 11 years old, and he’s about to tell you everything that’s wrong with our food system.

This video was uploaded in 2010 and made quite a splash at the time. You’re probably wondering why I am revisiting it now. Well, all the same problems he talked about four years ago still exist, and they’re important to address and take note of.

For instance:

  • Corporations using marketing to get kids to want products that aren’t good for them or our planet (still happening).
  • GMO seeds being produced to grow GMO foods which in some studies showed cancer growth in lab animals (definitely still happening).

What can we do about it?

Buy more locally growth or organic food that’s grown from people around us, maybe people we even know.

If this kid wasn’t cool enough,┬áBirke says he’d rather be an organic farmer than an NFL player.




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