Craziest Ski Run Ever? First Person Filmed Doing It

If you ask me this is easily the craziest ski run I’ve ever seen. It’s also the gnarliest thing I have seen all week. Professional skier Cory Townsend skied down this extremely narrow and long path located in Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains.

Powder magazine named this video the ‘line of the year’.

Townsend had wanted to conquer this line for over 5 years. He told Powder magazine,

‘Since there were five years that went into it, actually skiing it wasn’t that hard.’

He went onto to say ‘I felt like I was so prepared for it… I had skied it a thousand times in my head that, you know, it felt like it was meant to be.’

5 years just for a minute long ride? Looks like it was worth it!

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