I Just Saw This Amazing Art and Now Paint Is Flowing Out of All My Pores

    'Mother and Daughter' by Steven Ferguson. (Image: NTD Television)'I Break the Law, But Did Not Commit a Crime' by Tat Cheung. (Image: NTD Television)'Silent' by Cedric Yiu. (Image: NTD Television)'Summer Solstice' by Mao Xin. (Image: NTD Television)'Generations' by Zongya Shi. (Image: NTD Television)'Girl in Red' by Olga Popkovitch. (Image: NTD Television)'Appearance of Truth' by Tien Cheng Wu. (Image: NTD Television)'Conquest of the Saintly' by Parminder Atwal. (Image: NTD Television)'Unmovable Faith' by Ben Le. (Image: NTD Television)'Wish' by Haiyan Kong. (Image: NTD Television)'Esther Preparing to be Queen' by Mary Phillips. (Image: NTD Television)'Wish of the Earth' by Fang-Ching Hsu. (Image: NTD Television)'Violin Repair Shop' (Image: NTD Television)'Behind the Beauty - Slave Labor Products From Prison' by Huimin Wang. (Image: NTD Television)'The  Hope of Youth' by Helene Beland. (Image: NTD Television)'Agnes' by Leszek Piotrowski. (Image: NTD Television)'Yvonne' by Sandra Kuck. (Image: NTD Television)

    These paintings are just some of the finalists from the world-renowned NTD International Figure Painting Competition. They look too real. I wonder if they won’t just step out from the canvas when nobody is around.

    Paintings with beauty that colors the soul.

    Art is something that should reflect a timeless beauty. These paintings do just that for me. If there was a museum with paintings like this, I’d be there all day soaking up the vibes. The competition ended last week in New York City. This is just a small portion of the paintings. As good as these are, there’s more. See more finalist paintings here. Hopefully these paintings can inspire the artist in all of us. In fact, I feel like wetting a paintbrush right now.

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