Marvel’s New ‘Star Wars’ Comic Book Set for Record Sales

Star Wars Comic Book
The new 'Star Wars' comic book series from Marvel promises greatness. (Screenshot:

Next month Marvel will introduce a new Star Wars comics series. If you’re thinking: “Does Marvel even need a Star Wars comic? Haven’t they got plenty of Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Men?” then you haven’t been paying attention to the perks of a Disney ownership.

Marvel and Disney looking to load you up on Star Wars.

Marvel and Star Wars are now both owned by Disney. Marvel published the classic Star Wars comics of the 70s and 80s. It’s no wonder Marvel has come back to Star Wars. I wonder how long before Marvel and Star Wars characters start entering each other’s universes.

Star Wars comic preview

As expected, stormtroopers are getting smashed. (Screenshot:


This Star Wars series will be the first by Marvel since 1986. Star Wars comics were published by Dark Horse Comics for quite some time before Marvel took back the rights. But with Marvel being the hottest thing on movie screens, TV screens, and on those colorful paper things once known as comic books, they’re giving Star Wars the Marvel touch once again.

Star Wars comic preview

The new Star Wars art reflects the classic Star Wars comics. (Screenshot:

This comic has high expectations attached to it just as the new movie does. People are hungry for Star Wars and will consume any morsel of Star Wars storyline they can get their teeth into.

If Marvel can do right in the story and art departments, than this should be an exciting, year-long lead into next December’s film.

Star Wars comic preview

R2-D2 is up to his old tricks. (Screenshot:

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