Meet the Monkey Waiter. Cool or Creepy? (Video)

It just gives me such a creepy feeling watching this monkey waiting tables. What do you think? Am I being too uptight?

“While stopping at the Kayabuki Tavern to grab some food and beer, these tourists found out that some monkeys would be serving them beer and hot towels. The Tavern is located two hours north of Tokyo!”

Monkey brings you beer

Monkey waiter in Japan, near Tokyo. (Screenshot/Youtube)

According to the tavern owner the monkey could have just been his pet, but he noticed it liked to imitate his movements, and he thus gave birth to the idea of a monkey waiter.

At least¬†this:¬†“Due to Japanese regulations, the tavern is inspected to ensue that the monkeys have a safe environment and can only work two hours a day.”

Let us know in the comments, would you want a monkey serving your food and beer?


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