Monsanto Has Pro GMO Children’s Books in Schools, Would You Let Your Kids Read It?

(image: lindaaslund via Compfight cc)
(image: lindaaslund via Compfight cc)

Chemical companies like Monsanto are attempting to combat public distrust by targeting children through marketing pro-GMO information through children’s books and even education textbooks used in schools.

Chemical giant Monsanto has a children’s coloring book. It’s called ‘Look Closer at Biotechnology’ and it’s filled with some pretty biased information. The book lists a number of pros to GMO foods, without putting any possible cons. This workbook, published by the Evan-Moor company, caused such an uproar that they pulled the workbook and the CEO even offered a public apology.

It doesn’t end there however, as Monsanto also has similar information in school textbooks. The textbook ‘Science: A Closer Look’  by Mcgraw-Hill has an entire section on GMO foods with only pro points about GMO’s. Dawn Jordan, a parent in Missouri, (home state of Monsanto) found her child, who attends Hillsboro Junior High, reading the textbook with pro-GMO information. Jordan investigated further and found that several other schools around the Hillsboro, MI area were also using this textbook.

Do you think this information is fair to present to kids? Shouldn’t schools offer multiple points of view so that kids have a balanced look at things?

Just goes to show you that you should probably keep a close eye on what your kids are reading!


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