This Cheerleader Does the Most Insane Routine You’ll Ever See

Some people have it… and some people own it. Angel Rice totally owns it.

Angel started training in 2003 at the age of 4, and she knew exactly what she wanted. Years of training and hard work have made her the best.

She was a member of the 2013 Junior Olympic Tumbling Team, is the Cheerleading Worlds Champion, as well as the NCA Cheerleading Champion.

Her routines are totally mind-blowing, as you’ll see in the video, where Angel did an impromptu routine to warm the audience up while waiting for the crowning ceremony with her squad at The All Star Games.

She executes the most insane twists and turns you’ll ever see, changing directions without even pausing.

Remember the name Angel Rice, as she’s an Olympic champion in the making.


Here’s more of Angel Rice’s story:

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