“A Day in Vietnam” Is a Genuine Yet Poetic Portrayal. Would You Travel There? (Video)

I hope you enjoy this little film journey, which may lead to a real-life big one. Traveler and cinematographer Janek Toomikas put his heart into A Day in Vietnam.

The short travel film comes across as genuine and poetic, visually catching without any fussy editing. Adorned with authentic Vietnamese music, it evokes a sleepy, exotic feeling—peacefully intriguing.

If you are thinking about a South East Asian excursion, and not sure about Vietnam, here are a few things to consider after watching.


A Day in Vietnam. (Screenshot/Youtube)

  • The place and culture is fascinating and will offer a rich experience, but less likely to hit the spot if you’re looking for more luxury and living it up tropical-like.

If your traveling to learn and observe the world, gain insight, do travel through Vietnam, if you’re traveling for pure fun and relaxation, hit up Thailand.

This statistic I found on Wikitravel.com sums it up: “According to government estimates Vietnam sees 3.3m tourist arrivals each year. Vietnam has a return rate of just 5% compared to Thailand’s whopping 50%.”

Vietnam water living

Many people live in communities on the water, and are quite impoverished. (Screenshot/Youtube)

  • Vietnam’s government is still run by communists. People are generally quite poor, impoverished by countless wars and bad governance.
  • The people are warm and friendly, with 85% claiming to follow Buddhism, followed by Catholicism.
  • The country stretches from the tip of South East Asia and reaches right up along the coast of the South China sea into China, like an arm and hand.

Follow the video through these provinces for a taste of Vietnam:

Hanoi – dawn

Sapa – Noon

Mekong – Noon

Phu Quoc – dusk

Saigon – dusk

Saigon – night

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