Adorable Reunion: Giant Panda Triplets Go Back to Mom (Video)

The world’s only surviving baby panda triplets have returned to the care of their mother Juxiao at the Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou.

Born on July 29, the cute cubs—two males and a female—now each weigh over 17 pounds, and are healthy and independent enough for Juxiao to be able to look after all three of them together.

Previously keepers rotated the cubs so she had them singly at first. But since Nov. 21, they’ve been letting her look after two cubs at a time, and that went well.

Now that the babies can all spend time together with Juxiao, they will be able to learn survival skills from her.

Park manager Dong Guixin told media: “The cubs are entirely able to imitate all the actions of their mother, which does good to the health of both the mother and the babies.”

He added:

Everybody was holding their breath when the family were reunited.

“Juxiao waited for a moment and then went to her baby, then she hugged the baby like humans do. We felt so moved.”

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