Sushi in Kabul? Defying The Taliban With One Maki Roll at a Time (Video)

Working in a kitchen is hard work but Hiromi Yasui has to manage a few extra challenges than what your average chef would have to deal with.

Being the only Japanese restaurant in Kabul, she faces the possibility of being a target for a terrorist bomb attack but she takes it in her stride.

To be honest, in the video above Hiromi appears more concerned about finding the right ingredients for her menu than she is about any crazy terrorist.

 Afghanistan is land locked, so seafood is hard to come by but she makes do by finding tasty alternatives.

As a Japanese journalist, Hiromi arrived in Afghanistan in 2001 and stayed on after marrying an Afghan.

Hiromi opened her restaurant in 2009 and she’s now training her local staff the art of Japanese cuisine so they can make awesome meals for her customers who are mix of expats and Afghans.

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