Can Kobe Bryant Distance Himself From Michael Jordan’s Legacy?

Kobe is set to pass Michael Jordan in all-time points. But how did these two great players fare when their teams were set against each other in basketball battle?

You can see a lot of Jordan in Kobe Bryant’s game.

That’s a question many have, but Jordan was at his prime in those days, while Kobe was on the come up.

No other player has so closely tried to match Jordan in achievement and play. But with Kobe’s career winding down, will he simply leave the legacy of a lesser copycat?

Kobe needs to find comfort in not passing Jordan if he is ever to leave a unique legacy of his own. He has to reinvent himself outside of Jordan’s shadow. Firstly, he needs to find a way to win more games this season. He can do it by focusing on some aspect of his play that Jordan never stressed. Be creative. Think of something even Jordan never thought of.

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