Bangkok Police Targeting Tourists For Shakedowns Say Reports (Video)

Foreign tourists are calling them shakedowns.

A growing number of foreign tourists and expats in Thailand’s capitol Bangkok have been reporting startling incidents of being stopped,  searched, and harassed  by local police.

The police say the stops are done to search for illicit drug use, but many tourists are reporting that they’re being shook down for bribes.

A foreign national who lives in Bangkok told Coconuts Bangkok that: “It seems like it’s getting worse and worse, a lot of friends are getting stopped and harassed, particularly around Thong Lor.”

The reporting has reached the highest levels of British government as Mark Kent the Ambassador to Thailand tweeted that:

he has brought the issue up with Thailand’s tourism authorities.

The alleged harassment comes at a time when the tourist industry in Thailand is trying to recover from a military takeover in May.

After months of political upheaval Thailand is under martial law which gives authorities wide spread powers including searching anyone and any place.

Check out the video above which shows Bangkok cops conducting a random search near the popular Asoke area, and let us know do you plan to go to Thailand soon?


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