How Insane Is This? Man Pats and Teases Great White Shark Near His Boat

Mike Rutzen, known as the “Sharkman,” may be an expert on great white sharks, but what he does in this video is totally insane.

A great white shark is not an animal to take risks around.

They are one of the deadliest aquatic predators in the oceans, and attack humans more than any other shark. If you see one of these predators swimming toward you, it’s best to get out of its way.

Sharkman was fishing off the coast of South Africa in 2009 when a great white shark approached his boat. But Sharkman was totally unfazed by by this visitor, instead leaning over the side of the boat to pat its head and tease it.

This shark could have easily lunged and pulled Sharkman right out of the boat, or taken his hand or arm off with one chomp. Is this being utterly foolish, or does Sharman truly know what he’s doing and have control over the situation?

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