Plane Makes U-Turn After Passenger Throws Scalding Water on Stewardess

An angry Chinese woman threw boiling hot water in a flight attendant's face. (Image:
An angry Chinese woman threw boiling hot water in a flight attendant's face. (Image:

If you’ve ever been on a flight that got delayed by someone behaving badly, imagine what it must’ve been like for the passengers on this plane.

The incident happened on Dec. 11 on a Thai Air Asia flight to Nanjing in China. A mainland couple got angry because they weren’t sitting together—they were in a tour group and everyone’s seats had been arranged in alphabetical order. Despite eventually managing to change seats, the pair still weren’t satisfied.

At dinner time, the woman bought instant noodles and asked for boiling water. When the attendant brought the water, the woman threw it in her face.

She then threatened to jump out, and her boyfriend stood up saying he was going to bomb the plane.

Chaos broke out and the captain was forced to return to Thailand. The couple were arrested as soon as the plane landed.

They were finally allowed to return to China after paying compensation, but the story didn’t end there. They then refused to get off that plane and threatened to hurt the cabin crew when they landed at Nanjing Airport, attracting the attention of many onlookers, NTDTV reported.




The video below shows the man shouting at a flight attendant. It was filmed by a passenger who criticized his morality, and said she’d post it online.

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