Cereal Killer Café in London Is Gonna Kill Your Cereal Cravings

    The UK's first cereal café. (mage: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)Cereal Killer is open day and night, with the goal of satisfying all your cereal cravings. (Image: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)Cheerio + donut = chonut. (Image: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)If a cereal has been made, they will find it. (Image: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)Oh yes, they have it. (Image: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)Exotic cereals are also part of the menu. (Image: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)Oh, memories that taste so good. (Image: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)Sweet, tasty memories in cereal. (Image: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)Oh, sweet childhood. (Image: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)I didn't even know this existed. (Image: facebook.com/cerealkilleruk)

    Brace yourselves, a cereal café has opened in the U.K. and offers most if not all your favorite childhood cereals, including more options you’ve never heard of.

    Identical twins Alan and Gary Keery found themselves craving cereal one day, and realized what a great business potential a cereal café had. So they decided to open the Cereal Killer Café.

    “We were hungover one day, and were out for lunch in Shoreditch, but craved a sugary cereal fix and said: ‘I wish there was somewhere we could go to buy a bowl of cereal’. Immediately, the light bulbs appeared above our heads and that was the birth of Cereal Killer Café,” Gary explains.

    Alan and Gary Keery Image: cerealkillercafe.co.uk

    Alan and Gary Keery. (Image: cerealkillercafe.co.uk)

    Contrary to what their lumberjack beards may tell you, these brothers are not offering you sustainable artisan breakfast cereal from obscure places in the world. They offer you over 100 types of cereal from all around the world.

    “We sell over 120 different types of cereal from around the world; if we can source it, we will sell it. To create the perfect bowl of cereal, you can choose from 30 different varieties of milk and 20 different toppings,” they explain on their site.

    lucky charms fruit loops gif

    They carry 120 varieties of cereals. (Image: wifflegif.com)

    Imported and regular cereals cost the same; a small bowl of cereal is £2.50 (30g), and goes up to a large bowl for £3.50 (50g). And you get a side of milk. “People are very particular about the amount of milk, and the amount of crunch they want,” Gary says. “And then toppings are 20p extra, like mini Oreos, and so on.”

    The place sells all types of paraphernalia and treats, cereal related things like lip balms, jewelry by Nicole Paskauskas, cakes, Lucky Charms Cheesecake, Cocoa Pops Brownies, or Reese’s Puffs Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake created by Nina’s Bakes.

    Have a craving for your childhood cereal? This is the place for you.

    Anytime is cereal time. (Image: wifflegif.com)

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