Did the Movie ‘Back to the Future’ Predict the 9/11 Events?

This is for all you who are into conspiracy theories, and there are many around the Twin Trade Center. This video is very interesting, and points out many “coincidences.”

The premise is as follows. There are many references in the film that seem to presage the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks. The numbers 9/11 appear many times throughout Back to the Future, so many times that you start to question whether they are all really just a coincidence.

There are many references to the Twin Towers themselves, some indirect and some direct. One is the terrorist attack at the Twin Pines Mall that kills Doc Brown.

After the terrorist attack, the mall’s name changes to the Lone Pine Mall.

Anyway, there are lots of interesting things in this video. You be the judge as to whether this movie was prophetic, or all this was simply entertainment.


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