This Little Kid Must Be Embarrassed His Love Letter Went Viral

(Screenshot/ Facebook)
(Screenshot/ Facebook)

This is a message that’s been widely shared online in Taiwan recently. It was written by an elementary school pupil:

“Jia Ling, I want to tell you that actually I’ve liked you for a long time. Though we’re going to graduate next year, I still want to let you know that I love you.”

After making the confession, the boy revealed why he did it:

“Well, to be honest, the reason I wrote this letter to you was because I was playing the game ‘Truth or Dare‘ with my friend.”

Sorry, please don’t get mad at me… because… I chose ‘Truth.’

A Facebook user made this joke response in the comments:

“Later, the girl replied. She said ‘Yes’ and wrote after: ‘Actually, I was playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with my friend too. And well, I chose ‘Dare.'”

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