She Looks so Desperate, but Does She Really Have to Do That?

    The distraught mother with her three daughters. (Image: mother with her baby daughter and one of the older ones. (Image: family together in hospital. (Image:

    It’s a terrible choice: On the one hand there’s a sick husband in hospital, and on the other there are three daughters.

    The person stuck in the middle is this woman begging at a bus terminal in Fuzhou City, the capital of Fujian Province.

    Her youngest daughter is less than a year old, and the mother has to decide what’s the best way to save her family—she has to pay for her husband’s surgery after he got seriously injured when he fell three stories at a construction site.

    So she knelt on the street for hours on Dec. 15 trying to sell the baby girl, though her other kids asked her not to.

    They promised that they’d take care of their little sister for her, according to Tencent News.

    Passersby called the police to stop her, but were told they couldn’t do anything about it. Several people felt sorry for her, and gave her some money.

    Eventually the reporter suggested that she go back to the hospital, and he would publicize the story to help get some donations instead.

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