A Misdiagnosis Tragically Changed Her Life, but She Keeps Fighting for Justice

Lili Wang in hospital with all the medication she now has to take. (Image: Weibo.com)
Lili Wang in hospital with all the medication she now has to take. (Image: Weibo.com)

At 9 am on Dec. 9, Lili Wang sat in the plaintiff’s seat in the People’s Court of Jinan District again. She’d lost count of how many times she has been there over the past six years.

Lili used to be deputy general manager of a medical device company in Jinan, and was a glamorous, healthy woman with a successful career.

Today, however, she has low immunity, and her left leg and lungs are full of lesions. She has to go to hospital almost every day. All these changes were caused by a misdiagnosis six years ago.

During a routine physical exam in 2008, Lili received abnormal test results. She went to the Shandong Tumor Hospital where they took a CT scan. She told Sina News:

The doctor said it was highly likely that she had terminal lung cancer.

So she had surgery, and then began receiving large doses of chemotherapy. After seven weeks in hospital, her body began to show adverse reactions, so she left to look for help elsewhere.

Several other hospitals gave her some bitter-sweet news: She didn’t have cancer, but her leg and lung were severely damaged from high doses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She ending up losing the use of her leg, and her breathing is affected too.

The follow-up treatment has already cost Lili over 2.6 million yuan ($420,000). So far, the tumor hospital has only compensated her for 900,000 yuan ($14,5000). Lili will continue with the litigation.

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