Don’t Think About Stealing Another’s Partner, Here’s Why:

Does poaching someone else's partner work? (Image: Gwenaël Piaser via Compfight cc)
Does poaching someone else's partner work? (Image: Gwenaël Piaser via Compfight cc)

The old saying “The grass is always greener on the other side” is a fatal mistake made by many in romance. And taking a passing fancy to the next level, poaching someone else’s partner, is how more than half of all relationships are formed, according to one study.

I wonder though, after the initial buzz of getting together is over, how do these relationships actually fare in the real world? After all, can you really trust a person who went behind their partner’s back to hook up with you? What if they jump ship again?

The study involving 136 heterosexuals that began a relationship through “mate-poaching”, reported being less committed and less satisfied than two singles who forged a relationship on equal ground. Further outcomes involved more cheating and scoping for alternative partners. Hmmm, doesn’t seems like such a good idea now?!

Personality also comes into play. In the study, the people who were successfully “poached” tended to show signs of narcissism and being socially weak. Personally, I think it’s being morally weak!

So I guess the take-home message here is: “Nothing is for free.” If you choose to be impatient in love, and not wait until your love interest is unattached, be prepared for the consequences. And don’t kid yourself, there will be some!

There is another old saying: ‘Good things comes to those who wait.’







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