Ian McKellen Teaches Cookie Monster the Power of Self-Control

I’m really looking forward to seeing Ian McKellen as Gandalf in the new Hobbit film. He was always my favorite character in those films.


Ian McKellen as Gandalf. (Image: “Gandalf600ppx” by Screenshot. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

He’s a great actor, probably due in no small part to self-control and the power of resistance. And now he’s giving Cookie Monster the secrets to his awesome talent.

If Cookie Monster could really learn to resist cookies, and started eating fruits and vegetables instead, I’m sure his appearance would change. He might still be blue, but instead of a furry blue formless hand puppet, he’d grow lean and thin, kind of like Grover.


This is Grover. Kind of like a shrunken, lean, fit Cookie Monster. (Image: “Grover” by Sesame Street. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

Would we then have to call him the Veggie Monster? Maybe he has a real name that he hasn’t used in a long time, not since he became addicted to those cookies. Maybe it’s Bill.

Cookie Monster gets a valuable lesson from Ian McKellen.

But how did he encounter Sir McKellen? Is it because Ol’ Cookie makes an appearance in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies? Or maybe he’s a hidden feature on a rare, never-to-be-released DVD version.

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