Barack Obama’s Cuban Decision: It’s Not Just About Cigars (Video)

(Image: alexbrn via Compfight cc)
(Image: alexbrn via Compfight cc)

Okay so President Barack Obama has announced he’s changing the country’s tact when it comes to dealing with communist run Cuba.

The President wants to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba’s communist government and in that ease economic and travel restrictions. Some peopel don’t agree with what he has done or what he wants to do but we will get to that later.

While he is now allowing trade with the formerly embargoed country, don’t get your hopes up too much, you can only bring back to the U.S. $100 worth of Cuban cigars.

Not only did the announcement outline trade and travel, but it comes after the release of U.S. Contractor Alan Gross after five years in a Cuban prison. Gross was exchanged for three Cuban spies held in the United States.

The U.S. is even planning on opening an embassy in Cuba in the upcoming months.

The announcement comes after a year of secret talks between the U.S. and Cuba which happened in Canada and at the Vatican.

All in all, this will drastically alter the relationship between the two countries which has been tense since Cuba became a one-party socialist state over 50 years ago.

See the President’s announcement below.


Is it appeasement?

But the announcement has met its fair share of critics.

Cuba’s communist regime is a well-known human rights violator and over a million Cubans have fled the country.

Those who don’t agree with President Obama’s direction, especially a portion of America’s Cuban community, believe it won’t bring freedom to the oppressed people of Cuba.

“My interest in Cuba has been the furthering of democracy and freedom,” said Republican Senator Marco Rubio whose parents fled Cuba decades ago.

“Nothing the president will announce today will further that goal… It’s part of long record of coddling dictators and tyrants this administration has.”

See the video below for more on that, he makes some good points.


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