North Korea Scares American Cinema Into Submission

North Korean military
North Korea decides to take terrorist tactics against American movies. (ODN/YouTube)

Has North Korea managed to pin down the American movie industry? An already made movie and a potential movie about North Korea have been cancelled due to terrorist threats from a reclusive communist government?

That’s what happened to the long awaited film The Interview. But The Interview was about to step into theaters before the threats poured in. And now another film, one in the first stages of production, has announced its cancellation.

'The Interview'

North Korean dictators fear you seeing this movie. (Image: “The Interview 2014 poster” by Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)

As for The Interview getting cancelled, it comes after a cyber attack on Sony computer systems caused major information leaks. Those hacker-terrorists caused a chaos yet to be rectified. But with the other film, directed by Gore Verbinski and set to star Steve Carell, the parent company was not subjected to any such hack. They only observed what happened to Sony quit.

The America movie industry shuts up, calls it quits, and let’s North Korea have its way in the American cinema.

That is exactly how North Korea and other totalitarian regimes control dissent within their borders–with threats of violence, and with actual violence. You’re so scared you don’t dare challenge the social injustices set in place by the dictatorship. And you don’t dare do anything out of line with their dictates. You become numb and passively obedient.

If American cinema likewise becomes obedient to the dictates of North Korea’s awful leadership, what is that saying about the future of art in this country?

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