We All Want Data Roll-Over, Right? T-Mobile Has That Covered

T-Mobile's John Legere. (Image/Wikipedia)
T-Mobile's John Legere. (Image/Wikipedia)

A rude and profane rant from T-Mobile CEO John Legere almost hid the benefits to the carrier’s customers.

Already, America’s smallest and fastest growing wireless carrier has set the pace:

  • It’s eliminated 2-year contracts  
  • It’s eliminated early termination fees
  • It’s introduced very cheap international roaming in its plans
  • It’s provided data-free access to streaming music services

With this most recent announcement, T-Mobile is offering “Data Stash,” allowing customers to “roll over” unused data each month, giving a year to use it up.

As an incentive, T-Mobile is giving users’ a once only 10 GB of 4G LTE data, which can be rolled over until it’s used, for up to a year.

Known as something of a rebel in the wireless industry, see this video as Legere gives his rival providers a bit of a serve.



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