Wow! Those UFOs Are so Fast, Now NASA Wants to Play in That Space Too

NASA scientist Harold White enlists the creative skills of artist Mark Rademaker to design a space ship capable of traveling faster than light.

That’s right, WARP speed, just like the Starship Enterprise does in ‘Star Trek.’

The warp drive vehicle is called the IXS Enterprise, and NASA is busy with experiments to bring it to fruition.

A report in The Washington Post quoted Rademaker as saying:

“It does have some sci-fi features that might never transfer to a possible final design, unless we really want to.”

The concept of a warp ship seeks to exploit a “loophole” in Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity that allows travel faster than the speed of light by expanding space-time behind the object and contracting space-time in front of it, the report said.

Such a warp ship, traveling faster than the speed of light, will allow travel to interstellar space in a matter of weeks rather than, say, centuries.

Christmas toys are everywhere right now—should be able to pick up a model of one of these easily.

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