Oh Look, a Beautiful Giraffe…Kill It! Yeah, That’s Still a Sport. Here’s Why

Ivy posted this proud photo on her Facebook page. (Screenshot/ElephantWarriorsTM, Facebook)
Ivy posted this proud photo on her Facebook page. (Screenshot/ElephantWarriorsTM, Facebook)

The safari has become like a giant Truman Show for exotic African animals like elephants, lions, rhinos, and giraffes. The money from hunters preserves the safari for these animals to live on, and saves them from poachers. How nice…

Instead of us “watching” the animals on T.V. though, hunters can enjoy shooting the nearly endangered animals in their natural environment.


A giraffe family at home in Africa. (Pixabay)

Oh, they donate the meat to local villages so I hear…because Africans don’t hunt in a “humane” way, they inflict a slow death with lots of spears.

“The animals are killed for their thick skin and meat—mistakenly believed in certain parts of the world to cure AIDS,” according to Save the Giraffes from Extinction petition. That doesn’t change the fact that big money game hunters are just killing these creatures for fun.

Some big money animal lovers need to step up! Make safari an animal appreciation zone only, it’s the way we need to move.



The giraffe, if you have ever seen one up close or even just footage, is a majestic, very large, and elegant being.

Big game hunting helps fund the animals' protection from poaching. (Pixabay)

Big game hunting helps fund the animals’ protection from poaching. (Pixabay)

One hunter posting in defense of their sport says they are only allowed to kill sick or injured giraffes. Hmm, I’ve been sick and injured—and recovered without medicine, many times. How should that be a reason to justify killing a giraffe?

“In fact, there are fewer giraffes in the world than elephants—which is not to say that elephants do not deserve continued and intense conservation efforts. There are currently around 450,000 African elephants and only 80,000 giraffes,” according to the petition.

BUT, It’s Complicated Money from the big game hunting industry helps fund conservation projects, you know, to police poachers who would wipe the animals off the planet completely.

The big money game hunters from Europe and the U.S. are the only ones effectively doing anything to help. It burns, I know.

The petitions, like this one for the President of Tanzania, may only be effective if tagged with promises of money.  But, please do sign, it can’t hurt: Save the Giraffes

So the hunters say without us, the safaris would be penniless, and the lions would already be extinct. The governments in turn say, since we have you, we won’t make any changes to the law, and the industry.

BUT, the elephants are facing an even more frightening extinction, due to terrorists now, did you read about it? Elephant Poaching Funds Terrorists.

On safari, hunting or animal watching? (Pixabay)

On safari, hunting or animal watching? (Pixabay)

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