Phew! It’s Good There Were No Chainsaws in the 1940s

Forests of magnificent trees all around the world were felled in the 1940s, and we are left with the mostly tragic aftermath even till today.

Today, virgin forests are being demolished at a phenomenal rate using modern machinery.

There’s machines now that strip, sever, and chip whole trees in a few moments.

Back in those days, it took a long time using bullock carts to remove the logs after the laborious task of felling and cutting them to size.

Let’s see just how they did it back then.


Another giant redwood bites the dust. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Another giant redwood bites the dust. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Whats going on these days? Check out this monster forest eating machine.

This is not the biggest machine getting a feed in the forest by any means.


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