Stephen Curry Snaps Thunder Win Streak as Kevin Durant Falls to Another Injury in Fierce NBA Clash

Coming off of a loss to the Grizzlies that snapped a 16-game win streak, the Warriors turned the wins back on, and had their own win streak-snapping game against the Thunder.

The Thunder came in on a 7-game win streak with a healthy Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. But at the end of the second quarter, KD left the game holding his right ankle.

The loss shows just how important KD is to this team winning. They need both stars healthy. Westbrook couldn’t do it alone after Warriors main man Steph Curry dropped a flurry of bullseye 3-pointers, layups, and floaters. Even the times when he juggled the ball or lost the dribble, as long as he threw it up he hit the shot.

Stephen Curry has a Reggie Miller-esque performance against the Thunder.

Curry reminded me of Reggie Miller, when he used to fight with Spike Lee and rain 3-pointers all over the Knicks. It was never a pretty sight for us New Yorkers.

Considering how well Golden State is playing here, it makes the loss to the Grizzlies a minor fluke, a time-shift, an aberration. Have they regained the fire? How long can they go without losing now?

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