Lion Desperately Tries to Communicate With Little Girl, It’s Heartbreaking

This zoo lion wants to be free, I think…or eat them? Or snuggle with them? I am so confused. But one thing is for sure, I have never seen so much emotion in a captive animal in my life.

He seems to want to tell them something. Then he tries to break through the glass.

The lion rubs his face against their hands, trying to feel their gentle affection through the thick glass wall.

If that doesn’t break your heart, you’re lucky you are tough enough to not feel others’ pain.

What do you think? Is he lonely? Hungry? Or trying to communicate something more?

lion in zoo

Lion in zoo wants to be free, I think…or eat them? Or snuggle? Confused. (Screenshot/Youtube)


He seems to be so sad. The emotion in the eyes is undeniable. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Sad lion

He rubs his face and head against the glass, feeling their affection. (Screenshot/Youtube)

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