President Obama Says U.S. Will Respond to North Korea’s Cyber-Attack on Sony (Video)

As many suspected, it WAS the North Koreans who launched the recent massive cyber-attack against Sony for their satirical film The Interview and now President Barack Obama says the U.S. will respond accordingly.

What that means I don’t know but full marks to President Obama for his comments made during an end-of-year news conference which you can see in the above video.

As part of that he spelled out how absurd it is for North Korea to do what it did.

And see the video below for a brief wrap on the North Korean unit – which is actually based in China – which carries out the regime’s cyber attacks.

Maybe pressuring Beijing will part of President Obama’s plans to try and nullify this type of cyber aggression. But does the U.S. have any leverage with Beijing anymore?

Eitherway, given the chance, I wouldn’t mind seeing The Interview now. See a recent a radio interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco about the Sony hack and their film, just excuse the language – there are a few F bombs.



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