Wow, You Won’t Believe What This Smart Tortoise Did for Its Companion

While on a school field trip to the zoo, a Taiwanese man and his daughter witnessed quite an amazing scene.

On Nov. 25, Mr. Yu went to the Taipei Zoo with his daughter and other kids in her class.

They saw a tortoise upside-down on its back, unable to get back up. As they were feeling sorry for it, another tortoise crawled over, and tried to helped it.

The crowd started cheering when they saw what was going on, especially when the heroic tortoise managed to turn his friend back over after several pushes.

Mr. Yu uploaded the video to YouTube when they got home, and wrote this comment below:

It was a great opportunity to share this lesson with my daughter: Helping others is the origin of happiness.

The video has already been viewed over 3 million times, and received over 9,750 likes.

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