Are You Under 40? Then You Need to Know How The U.S. National Debt Will Affect You (Video)

The video above was made earlier this year when the U.S. debt was $17 trillion, now as the year closes it’s $18 trillion.

That’s more than big, it’s more than massive. According to if you wanted to count to a trillion it would take 31 thousand years. Let alone 18 trillion. Ay, caramba!

We all know that in one’s personal life that getting into debt is bad. Well we should know, but we all know many Americans are addicted to debt and it seems the US government is too.

And who is the main loaner of all this money? CHINA

And the more money they loan us, they more that can influence us.

But outside of that, is it moral that future generations are being loaded with high debt? From what I can see, given the state of the world as it is, they’ll be facing a raft of challenges so they don’t this one imposed on them.

It was tempting to put this post in the disaster category of the World section and not under economy. So what’s the end game to this crazy debt and is there a solution to it?

See the above video to find out.

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