Here’s How an Artist Built His Own Boat Using a 3D Printer

Taiwanese artist Hung-Chih Peng made a 26-foot-long boat using a 3D printer.

Called “The Deluge, Noah’s Ark,” it looks a bit busted—deliberately.

He used 100,000 different pieces glued together.

“The Deluge is Peng’s way of showing the battle being waged by Mother Nature on the accelerated development of industrialized civilization.”

It looks a bit of a mess, but beautiful at the same time.

I hope the glue he used is better than that used on the last pair of Chinese shoes my friend was so happy with—until it rained.

I guess the glue was water soluble; you can imagine the rest.

Let’s see the result of the sea-trials before going fishing in the “Ark.”

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