These 3 Chinese Sayings Seem to Be Telling You Something

The most popular Chinese rhymes change as time passes. (Image: Weibo)
The most popular Chinese rhymes change as time passes. (Image: Weibo)

Funny or ironic? Take a look at these well-known Chinese slogans, and you’ll get the idea.


1. This popular saying has changed over time:

  • 1985: The one-child policy is good, the government provides for your retired life.
  • 1995: The one-child policy is good, the government helps provide for your retired life.
  • 2005: Retired people cannot rely on the government.
  • 2012: Postponing retirement is good, live your retired life yourself.

With 2015 coming, what will be next? Bloggers joke: “Providing for the government is a ‘must,’ no matter how old you are.”


2. These days, unusual events like extreme weather and serious natural disasters happen so frequently…

In our short lifetime, we’ve seen 10 times the floods that occurred once every 100 years, twice the number of tsunamis that happened once every 500 years, and twice the number of earthquakes that happened once every 1,000 years. It’s only elections held once every five years that we’ve never come across.

…while people voting for their government like in democratic societies is never seen by people in China.


3. What’s your opinion about this one?

To tear down your houses only takes a night.
To increase prices only takes a day.
To raise taxes only takes a few months.
While banning shark-fin soup takes three months,
And as for fighting corruption, it’s been 10 years and it’s still not over.

Looks like most people in China aren’t fooled by the Chinese Communist Party.

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