Don’t Like Flying in Planes? Then Don’t Try Doing What Jetman Does

Is this guy for real? This is probably as close as anyone will get to being Superman. It’s Jetman, also known as Yves Rossy, the Swiss ex-fighter pilot and first man to fly with a jet-powered wing.

Jetman has performed many death-defying stunts around the world, from the English Channel to the Grand Canyon, to Mount Fuji, to the Swiss Alps… and now over the desert of Dubai.

Screenshot 2014-12-23 16.49.00

Jetman with stunt flier over Dubai. (Screenshot/YouTube)

This time he performs stunts with an airplane flown by Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltán in Dubai.

This is tame compared to the time Jetman raced 2 fighter jets over the Swiss Alps.

What do you think? Are you ready to strap on a jet-powered wing and head off into the wild blue yonder, or do you get your thrills from watching someone else do things like this?


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