How Does This Homeless Man Spend $100? You’ll Be Surprized

This is what Christmas is really about, this is what life is really about! What more can I say? What happens with this homeless man is so moving.

Josh Paler Lin decided to give a homeless man $100, and then follow him around to see how he’d spend it. Josh actually thought this would be an exposé on homeless people—he wasn’t at all prepared for what actually happened. How many people would go out and just blow it in some frivolous way?

But in truth, who understands more about what having nothing means than someone who’s homeless?

Who would be more willing to share what little they have than someone who has nothing, but truly understands the meaning behind giving and receiving?

Studies have shown that, in general, rich people give proportionately less to charities than lower income people do. Of course there are a few very wealthy individuals who have promised to give most of their wealth away and are doing so. But what this man does is one-on-one, from-the-heart giving.

When Josh presents this man with $100, he doesn’t know what to say, he really can’t believe it. He gets teary and gives Josh a big heart-felt hug… and then goes and does something Josh did not expect. Watch the video to see what happens next.

Later in the day, Josh and his crew took the man out for a meal, and then paid for a hotel room for him to stay in. Josh also gave the man his phone number in case he needed any help in the future.

This is a brilliant example that shows you can never judge a situation by the surface appearance alone. Many homeless people are victims of circumstance—for one reason or another, their entire world has collapsed around them.

So this Christmas, think beyond yourself and your immediate family, do something different, and give something simple to someone who is truly in need. You may just find that the old saying “It’s better to give than receive” is actually true. Happy Holidays and happy giving.

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