Tiny Houses Are Great, But This Tiny Houseboat Beats Them Hands Down

Do you dream of quitting your job and sailing around the world with your family or friends? That’s probably pretty unrealistic and dangerous to do, so here’s the next best thing.

Build yourself a tiny houseboat that you and family or friends can travel around lakes and rivers on.


This tiny houseboat has plenty of room for four people. (Image: RoyDesignedThat)

Roy Schreyer, from Roy Designed That, has come up with plans for a tiny houseboat that can easily be taken anywhere you want to travel to.

The houseboat is a space-saver’s dream that allows several people to boat around very comfortably. It has a lot more room than meets the eye.


Roy’s plans for his tiny houseboat. (Image: RoyDesignedThat)

There are windows all around, guaranteeing a great view for everyone. The interior also easily converts into a sitting room, dining room, or bedroom.

It even has an old-fashioned steering wheel like a sailing vessel. So if you’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug, you just might want to give this a try. Ahoy!

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