Why Do Cars Seem to Have Faces?

With its headlights like eyes, and its grill like a mouth, and the tip of the hood like a nose, yeah, my old Toyota does look like it has a face. Car manufacturers have picked up on people’s tendency to see faces in cars, and have been manufacturing cars with the facial appearances you are likely to buy.

car face

This car looks nice, like someone you could share with. (Image: DVS1mn)

The design team works to create a car with a face you can identify with. That’s why some cars look a bit mean. Other cars have a milder appearance. But cars really do have faces that fit their personalities. Haven’t you seen the Cars movies?

Cars 2

These two car buddies personified ‘Cars 2.’ (Disney•Pixar/YouTube)

It comes from the part of a human being which is especially keen to recognize and remember faces. Faces are the most prominent form of identifying other people that we use. But that same concept comes into play with other objects as well.

We love our cars so much we personify them in every way.

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