Gorgeous Ancient Desert Monastery and the Dead Sea: Palestine’s Jordean Desert Looks Incredible

    Hike into this Jordean desert ravine and find an ancient monastery. (Screenshot/Youtube)Palestinian desert Orthodox christian monastery.  (Screenshot/Youtube)Hike through the desert ravine to the Orthodox christian monastery.  (Screenshot/Youtube)Bedouin nomad tribes still live in the Jordean Desert. The man of the house roasts and prepares fresh coffee the traditional way. (Screenshot/Youtube)The scenery at the Dead Sea is dreamy. (Screenshot/Youtube)Dead sea at sunset (Screenshot/Youtube)The mineral rich mud is said to be wonderful for the skin. (Screenshot/Youtube)Swimming in the Dead Sea at sunset. The colors are beautiful. (Screenshot/Youtube)

    This great, short travel video makes you want to pack your sunglasses and desert boots (buy some first) and head out to the Jordean Desert, of the West Bank in Palestine. It has a lot to offer the adventurous explorer.

    This is the kind of trip that broadens your perspective on life, people, and our collective history. Rick Steves is the host for this video, and this is just a highlight cut of the full hour episode The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today, which was on T.V. just in time for this religious season.

    What I learned:

    1. Judean Desert deep in Palestine is gorgeous and dramatic to the eyes and ears.
    2. Deep in this desert are ancient monasteries dug out and up from the red earth and cliffs surrounding.
    3. You can visit this Orthodox Christian monastery that has held onto traditional forms without changing, like Catholics and Protestants have, for the past 15 centuries.
    4. As well as hermit monks, there are nomadic Bedouin tribes.
    5. Drive deeper into the desert, to the end of the Joran River, and there you’ll find the Dead Sea, especially beautiful at sunset.
    6. The Dead Sea is the lowest land on earth.
    7. The Dead Sea heavlily evaporates, making the water about a third minerals, and six times saltier than the sea. It’s fun to float in, but will sting any cuts.
    8. The water and mud is supposedly wonderful for your skin.

      Dead sea at sunset

      Dead sea at sunset (Screenshot/Youtube)

    This great, short travel video makes you want to pack your sunglasses and desert boots.

    Rick’s team has done the homework, so for travel advice and money saving tips for Palestine and Israel, check out the website.

    Another fantastic book on the region, well, heading over to Jerusalem, is by Genevieve Belmaker, recently published and available on Amazon. I would pick up a copy if making plans, or looking for travel inspiration.

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